Sunday, August 14, 2011


So here I sit...the night before the first day of school. Real school. Really real school...get on the bus, go five days a week, school school.

A good friend's mother told me when Hope was small a really good bit of advice. She told me, "You know, everyone always makes a big deal about all the 'firsts', like the first word, first tooth, first steps, etc. But many of the best moments are the 'lasts'. Remember and cherish the last...because once they walk they won't go back to crawling."

So true. And that was what today was all about. Emma, her dad, her sister and I spent the afternoon laughing, playing, resting, taking it slow. Emma just thought it was a typical Sunday. Not me...I took every second in. EVERY second.

When bedtime rolled around and the school clothes were laid out, it was really beginning to set in. This was a last. A good last.
Goodnight...see you tomorrow, my Kindergartner. xo

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