Friday, August 19, 2011

"No Emma, you can't go on Saturday and Sunday."

Well, Kindergarten was a hit. So much that Emma thinks she can go on the weekends (I'll probably need to remind her of that sometime her Senior year, aye?)

A few "Kodak moments" from the first day...
Can not believe that a year ago she was a whole brick and a half shorter. Wow.

The dynamic duo. (Don't even remind me how small Hope was in this picture a year ago!)
Just look at that grin...proud as punch. And this crazy mom could not be more thankful she was so eager to go. Her excitement helped in calming my worries. It was all I could do to not grab her hand and ask her if she was ok. For me, the worst part of parenting is when I can see or sense my girls are scared, nervous or fearful. So praise Jesus, my little bashful lady was willing to take on the world that day. And take it on she did...
First day triumph!
Great job Emma Lillie. I will never forget your first day of Kindergarten. I will never forget your "kid-in-a-candy-store-excitement." But above all, I will never forget when you saw that bus round the corner towards our house, your beautiful blue eyes looked up at me as you said, "mom, will you walk with me?" I felt your sweet little hand grab mine.

Best. feeling. ever.

You sure can make a momma glow.

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