Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just for me.

Today's posting is just one of those moments that was so sweet, I never want to forget it. It was one of those "had to be there things" so for those blog readers out there, this may not be very entertaining. But for me, I'll always have this post to remind of the moment.

Usually, Hope is in the jogging stroller as we wait on the school bus in the mornings. However today we had other plans so I was just caring her as we waited. We gave Emma her hugs and kisses as the bus looped the addition. As the bus pulled around the curve towards our house, Hope began kicking her legs and waving her arms with excitement. (For anyone who has been around her, this is her common, and rapid, run-in-place-as-mom-holds-me move.) She was hollering at that bus and waving like a crazy lady!

Then.....Emma got on the bus.

The look on Hope's face was priceless. She immediately got quiet and her legs froze. Her waving hands melted....and I really mean melted. It was like they waved only one more slow motion wave as they fell to her side. Her face...oh, her face. So sad. No tears, no crying, but it sure looked like someone had just taken away the love of her life.
...oh wait, they did. Her big sister.

The bus pulled away and Hope's arms flew around my neck and I could feel her fingers digging into my skin. Silent. (Which is very uncommon for her.)
How sweet. Beautifully sweet. The bond she shares with her sister is priceless. I just love my girls.

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