Friday, August 12, 2011

For real.

Well gang, it's for real. This isn't just a preschool gig's the real deal. Yesterday evening was the official kick-off to the school year - the annual "Union Elementary Ice Cream Social!" And for this Kindergartner, it was the coolest evening ever.

Mrs. Townsend, meet Emma, Emma, meet Mrs. Townsend. Those two seconds are huge for the parent (or so I'd like to think). I mean really, this is the lady that is going to be in charge of my most precious possession every morning for the next nine months! Withing those two seconds, a first impression would be formed that might just make it or break it.
Soooooooo...... da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaa........
We loved her! SHEW! ;) So far so good, other than that big nasty Purdue flag hanging near her desk....maybe a little cream and crimson can be introduced later.

We continued to find the desk labeled with Emma. This year she gets to be just Emma! All kinds of new stuff on the desk and in the supplies stacking up...books, calendars, charts, decorations...all the goodies a perfect classroom would have. Emma was grinning ear to ear. Proud as proud could be. (and her momma too.)

So there you have it. It's for real. The big yellow bus will be coming by Wolverine Way bright and early Monday morning. Wow. wow. WOW. Somebody pinch me.

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