Saturday, July 16, 2011

So proud.

My girls. They make me so proud. And the amazing's not in front of a crowd, or in a front of people, just ourselves, in our kitchen.

This could really turn into a long post, you know the kind where I get on my soapbox and share the amazing effects on how nutrition can totally change one's life. But I won't. Pretty sure everyone is slightly, if not fully, aware of my story and Hope.

Here is where I get goosebumps though. We go to the farmer's market this morning and gather up some chemical free-fresh picked produce. Emma is my helper, picks out the produce, and loads them in our bag. She knows an eggplant from a squash and can eye a tomato from a mile away. We come home and eagerly both girls are ready to eat our loot.

Homemade bruchetta. yum. sauteed squash, onion, zucchini, eggplant, tomato with oregano and basil from our window box. So so so good. I could not keep up with Emma as she gobbled up the power-packed meal. Hope loved every bite as well.

Emma says, "Mom is this healthy?" You betcha Emma. She replies, "GOOD! Because it is so yummy - we should have this everyday!!" Keep in mind yesterday we had artichoke heart stir fry, smoothies (with hidden beat juice) and Hope is packing away an half of an avocado at breakfast.

I love these girls. it's an obvious positive choice in life, but unfortunately when we are outside our kitchen walls it becomes a pretty lonely choice. So proud of my girls for's pretty amazing.

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