Sunday, July 3, 2011

Slumber Party..."Dad-Style"

It was a night with just Emma and her Dad...hanging out in the backyard. In fact when I referred to their evening as a slumber party, I got an eye roll from my five year old informing me that it was a camp out, not a slumber party like we have. Ok, I get it now....if you are Mom, you get AC, a soft bed, and just steps away from indoor plumbing. If you are Dad, you get muggy weather, tent full of campfire smoke, and lots of mosquitoes. Never been more thankful to be the mom!
Hope and I did get to participate in some late evening campfire activities, because sometimes nothing can beat a burnt hotdog and s'more right off the fire.

And this is why Hope will not make for a good camp out buddy....

Right before dusk, Emma pops back into the house to get a flashlight and the i-Pad...ya, really roughin' it, huh?

And there they are. The two tent buddies. You must be wondering did they make it till the morning? Yep, after several card games, one haul to the bathroom, and many giggles later.

Kudos Daddy-o, kudos.

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