Sunday, July 10, 2011

Good times.

This week rolled around another year of life and I was blessed enough to spend my birthday with three of my favorite people.....and one favorite dog. The girls and their dad got me a bike which was so cool because now we all can go for bike rides. Bike rides - one of my fondest childhood memories. So tonight we did....Emma with her babe in her basket, Adam with Hope in the carriage, and me on my shiny new purple Schwinn. We just cruised the neighborhood, but it was 15 minutes of fun fresh air.

The good times kept rolling as the girls took their baths tonight. Both in the tub as cute as could be along with being silly. Hope gets out first, and I take her to go get jammies on. Emma stays in the tub to play a little longer. As Adam left the bathroom, Emma requested he turn the light off. (We have a split bathroom so light can be off in shower half, but still leaves a light on over sink.) Per request, he did. As he walked out, our 5 year old says....
"ewwww how romantic!"

Good times. I just love those kids and feel so undeserving of them. They are so ....well, beautiful.

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