Friday, July 29, 2011

Watch out world...

...she's been crawling, she's been holding onto things and walking, she's been independently standing...

...but today...she took two steps...then three...then four...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Party it up, babe!

And here it is....the big number one party. Correction, pre-party and then big party. Oh yes, she is one lucky lady to have had a party weekend. But then again, you only turn 1 once, so why the heck not.

Friday evening (which was Hope's actual birthday) Adam, Emma, and I celebrated here at home with a cake made just for Hope. Sweet potato cake topped with blueberries and strawberries...all her favorites. With a little help from her big sister on blowing out the candle, she was ready to dig in.

So excited to get the beautifully made card from Emma. So cute.
And now it time to move onto Saturday. Emma has been planning up a big celebration for her little sis! Time to party with the big kids!
Four Phipps' generations below...Great Mamaw, Papaw, Daddy, and Hope. (We're not sure how Vic fits into that equation - wink wink)
Let's have some cupcakes! Many thought that it was so funny to see Hope destroy her food and smear it all over her face...hate to rain on every one's parade, but that is every stinkin' meal with this girl! Nothing out of the norm, but it does make for fun pictures.

Time to hit the "Phipps' Family Waterpark"....aka, our backyard. Emma had it all equipped with the blowup pool at the end of the slide, water balloons, squirt guns, slip n slide and much more. Throw in five fun cousins and one brave aunt/uncle combo and you got yourself one big paARRRrty!

Time to refuel! Nothing beats the heat like lemonade, watermelon and a good old fashion hotdog!

...back at it again! This time adding in three more cousins and two friends. There was some serious water splashin' going on now!

This is Hope with her cousin Grover. Grover's birthday is one day before Hope's...seems appropriate for the older cousin. This year Grover turned 10 while Hope turned just 1. Even though I don't want to think about either one of them growing up too fast, it will be fun to see this picture in 10 more years.

Even though the invite requested no gifts, there were a few more-than-generous-guests that spoil my girls to the hilt. We are so very thankful for each and every one.

Slideshow on TV and the banner Emma and I made for Hope, showcasing her pictures month by month.

After the party was over, I realized I never got any pictures of the party scene indoors. Emma had decorated the food table up with sweet colors and a cupcake theme. She had also filled paper cupcakes with goodies for our younger guests to take home (even though we forgot!)
For a sweet treat, Emma and I spent the week prior baking up cupcakes in honor of the birthday girl. Centering them all around her favorite foods, we had strawberry banana with banana cream frosting, chocolate blueberry with blueberry frosting, red velvet avocado with honey avocado frosting and a sweet potato with cream cheese frosting!
What a absolutely fun time. We are completly humbled by the amount of family and freinds that came to celebrate. An amazing blessing to have such a huge extended family that cares so deeply for Hope and Emma as if they were their own.

As the evening closed and the house became quiet, Emma had just put on her pj's after finishing her bath. She curled up next to me with heavy eyes. I told her what a wonderful party she had thrown for her little sister and asked her if she had fun. Her response, "yes, so much. I wish everyday was Hope's birthday."

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beautiful...every month.

Say it ain't so, Hope Kaylynn. Amazing how 12 months can go by so quickly. Is it any surprise how crazy proud I am of you? The proof is in the pictures. You are one gorgeous gal.

Hugs, Kisses, and Thanks to our Creator,