Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday afternoon.

Sunny and warm, a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. Hope was napping, so I told Emma I was going out to water and work in the landscaping. She informed me she was going to stay inside and continue playing what she was doing.

I was out for quite sometime enjoying the perfect weather, soaking up some of that good 'ol vitamin D. All was quiet and peaceful. I turn around to go shut my water off and this is what I see staring back at me...
?! Where did she come from?! I could not help but laugh out loud at the sun-bathing-Hawaiian-goddess sipping on her coconut canteen. What a hoot that girl! Let's get a closer look...

Crackin' me up. So much I had to go get the camera (obviously). I asked her what she was doing, she replied, "well mom, ya know, it is summer and I'm just doing summer stuff." And so she did. For the rest of the afternoon.
And if basking in the sun isn't enough, then kick on the sprinkler. bathing suit required, just keep your clothes on please. ;)

If only everyday could be a Tuesday afternoon.

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