Saturday, June 18, 2011


Today was a first for a 10K. That's a tad over 6 miles, and I have never run more than four. Crazy. Yep, crazy. I'm not fast, heck I'm really got more of a jog going on than a run. But either way, I set a goal and did it. I did it. I did it! Slowly, but surly. Here is how my race went down...
Gun shot - we are off and a million people just passed me (OK maybe just 189)
1/2 mile - Am I really out of breath already?
1 mile - Um, it's just three people to my backside separating me from the "pick-up-scooter"...grrrrreat.
1.5 miles - Only thing keeping me going is the junk in the trunk running in front of me....if she can do it, so can I!
2 miles - Uhhh, we are running out of the side makes this look like it will never end.
2.5 miles - legs hurting...want to stop....don't stop...keep going. WHAT - A HILL?!?! (Ok so probably a small incline to most, but my thighs sure thought it was a mountain!)
3.1 miles/5K mark - So it has been 35 minutes and I really want to quit.....not going to though. And just for the record the guy that won the whole 10K is finished by now at 33 minutes....ugh.
3.5 miles - So we are in the country now. Sun is baking down on us and the hog farm has just hauled a fresh load of "honey". You think this would make me run faster!
4 miles - Observation...every firefighter/policeman that is stopping traffic and is placed along the race is largely obese. Hmmmm....interesting. And did I just run through that officers smoke from his cigarette? yep. Kinda would rather breath the hog crap.
4.5 - Is anyone else out here but me? ahhhh...passed the junk in the trunk. I'm such the speed demon.
5 miles - Muscles are jello.
6 miles - Never going to end.
Finish line - Done. No walking, just running. A slow run. 1 hour 15 minutes and 20 seconds to be exact. That's 12.08 miles. shhewww. o-v-e-r. 175th place out of 190.

Now why would I do such a thing like this.....seems crazy, right? Nah.
I do it because I know there is a bigger picture than just the hour and 15 minutes.
I do it because it is part of life.
I do it because, quite simply...I have HOPE.

Funny thing, as we crossed the finish line there was a large picnic table full of bottled water. All the bottles had labels on them with names of sponsors for the race. So thirsty, I just grabbed one. It wasn't till later, when I was sitting on the ground taking my last few sips that I noticed the sponsor on my bottle was "New Hope Community Church." Coincidence? I think not. Just God's way of working.
Love you Hope Kaylynn. This race was for you babe. MWAH.

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