Friday, June 10, 2011

That girl's a mess!

No it's not her first birthday, just a normal day with a normal supper. She takes a few bites of baby food or food I have made for her in the food processor, but lately she has taken on more of a "hands on" roll when eating. Now a normal child (and I make this assumption based on our first calm and non-messy child) would take the food from their fingers to their mouth only, bypassing any temptation to touch their ears, hair, back of neck, etc. I guess Hope isn't normal, is she? Here is a sample of our typical everyday mealtime with her....just some good ol' roasted sweet potatoes, muskmelon, grapes and a slice of dad's birthday cake.

She's a mess. After she squeezes each handful of food, a good fourth of it lands packed behind her ears or in her hair. She pretty vocal about her eating as well as you can tell from the last picture.

She's a mess. We're a mess. No more calm, quiet, family dinners for us. And for those of you who know my neat-freak tendencies, this could pose much frustration....but it doesn't oddly enough. Just another on of life's messy blessings.

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