Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It was going to happen sometime.

This evening, the girlsand I, after being couped up in the house all day, decided the weather was way to nice to pass up. So off we went for a picnic supper at the park. However, before we left Emma noticed I had a speck of blood on the front of my calf coming from a small bug bite. According to Emma there was "blood spraying out" and the nurse she is, ordered a bandaid protocol ASAP. I told her to get me one while I was getting Hope ready. Here she came with a purple dazzled out Princess Tianna bandaid. (and I was told she picked that over Barbie because they were about out and she likes them the best...not sure why the plain 'ol good kind was overlooked!)

Anyhow, being the the mother of two girls, I proudly wore my Disney Bandaid one inch below the hem of my capris. Once we were at the park, we all took a break to enjoy some good 'ol fashion swing action. I was pushing Hope and Emma was flying high on her own. As she slowed down to a stop, I noticed her staring at my leg. Then quietly, a soft spoken voice came out....

"Mom, I can see your band aid....and it is kinda embarrassing to me."

And there you have it...the first (of which I am sure will be many) public humiliation moments inflicted on my daughter.

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