Monday, June 27, 2011

Heart of gold.

Let's set the stage; Playing in Hope's room, on the floor with Emma and Hope. Hank barks from outside and Hope decides she is going to stand on a stool and manage her way between the blinds and window to holler at him. Amazed at her determination and climbing expertise, we sit and watch. Then one little step to the left and crash...she's down, hitting her chin on the window sill as she goes. Crying, tears rolling, and small amount of blood streaming from her mouth. Those sharp little bottom teeth have torn her upper gum.

As I comfort Hope, Adam goes to get ice water and a cold washrag. Emma has dissappeared. Once Adam gets back, he peaks in Emma's room to find her with "her look" laying on the bed. And as always, Adam didn't even get the full sentence "are you ok?" out before crocodile tears came rolling down. Emma told her dad, "I've just never seen my little sister bleed before."

Emma was scared and broken hearted. Even though it was a complete accident and tumble from Hope, the big sister's golden heart couldn't handle it. Adam had to go get Emma ice water now!

It wasn't before long, I had two girls sitting on my lap...both crying. Emma was crying because she was scared for her sister, and Hope was crying because she was looking back at the window wanting to get back over there to climb it again.

Oh Emma, you're heart is a golden as could be. So caring, so thoughtful, so tender. Is it any surpise that just a week shy of a year ago I posted this:
Love you to the moon and back my sweet girl. xoxo

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