Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Extravaganza 2011

Emma had the day all planned out for "the best Dad in the world." First would be her singing and dancing skills showcased at the VBS program during Sunday church service, then a home cooked meal where she would give Adam his present. A new pair or shorts and matching hat with a gift certificate to go hit a bucket of golfballs at the driving range (ya know to use that new driver he got for Christmas with the plastic still on it!) Her plan was to have Adam go play golf while Hope napped in the afternoon, all the while her and I were packing a picnic lunch that would be ate at the splash pad.

Perfect plans, right? But then it rained. And poured....and poured....and poured some more. The VBS program was outstanding, but Emma's spirits were getting dampened by the rain. However, when in doubt just pray for some sunshine...and so she did.

Whoa-la. The clouds rolled away and the sun came out. The plastic was removed from the driver and golf was played while a picnic was packed. The splash pad was a hit for the whole family. A perfect day for a perfect dad.

Happy Father's Day!

Love, your girls. Xo

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