Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bullfrogs and Butterflies

When we were pregnant with Emma, we resisted to look at that 22 week ultrasound to find out what gender she would be. So fun. The anticipation of just becoming a parent for the first time and the whole baby thing in general just made not knowing even more exciting. However, when we went for that ultrasound for baby #2, we thought it would be fun to do things a bit different this time. We had the nurse take the infamous picture and seal it in an envelope rather than announce out loud. Emma was with us that day and we decided to keep it a secret. And so we did. The whole nine months only Adam and I knew...for sure...what this gift from God was going to be. It was fun to know the name and to imagine what life was going to be like. It was also fun to pick out gender appropriate decor for the room. (Believe it or not, Emma never looked inside the closed door.)

The room was decorated in lavenders and greens. Her name sculpted and painted on the wall. Pure white butterflies swarmed the room. Sweet and simply designed curtains sewn and hung. All seemed perfect.

Then Hope came. She fit in so sweet. However, still sweet as the pure white butterflies, it seemed something was missing. Ohhhhh yaaaaa, some orneriness in know to go with that budding personality that makes her...well, her.

We added some frogs and whimsical ABC motifs, care of none other than Target's clearance rack. Also, added was a tree painted on her wall. This is a family tree. A few pictures are hanging, but more await.

Here's to you Miss Hope Kaylynn....

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