Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Remember these two pictures? It was last September and the first day of school.
Here are the newest...May 27th... yep, the last day of school. Not fair. I don't like it at all.

Ok, so maybe there are few things to like. For example, I like the amazing growth I saw in Emma as she learned to read, do math, think and create. But I don't like the growth I saw in her legs, face and shoe size. I like the opportunities she was able to have to do new things, see new things, and be apart of it all. But I don't like that she was doing all those new things so independently.

I like all the friends she made and her "shell to be broken". But I didn't like to hear them all sing as Emma walked out of the classroom the last day, "Good bye Emma, Good bye Emma, Good bye Emma, we say good bye to you."

So be it. I am a soft-hearted and bit of a selfish mom. Who knew? Really, this letting kids grow up is simply the most ugly-beautiful and sadly-rewarding thing in the world. -ugh- No wonder it took me over a week to post this event.

Congrats to Emma on and outstanding year in Pre-K. So so soOOoo stinkin' proud of you
.....even though I don't want to be just right yet. ;)


  1. And this is why we blog . . . what great snapshots of her year. She will cherish these pictures and memories. As will you.

  2. Ali - You are so glad God allowed our paths to cross.