Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday afternoon.

Sunny and warm, a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. Hope was napping, so I told Emma I was going out to water and work in the landscaping. She informed me she was going to stay inside and continue playing what she was doing.

I was out for quite sometime enjoying the perfect weather, soaking up some of that good 'ol vitamin D. All was quiet and peaceful. I turn around to go shut my water off and this is what I see staring back at me...
?! Where did she come from?! I could not help but laugh out loud at the sun-bathing-Hawaiian-goddess sipping on her coconut canteen. What a hoot that girl! Let's get a closer look...

Crackin' me up. So much I had to go get the camera (obviously). I asked her what she was doing, she replied, "well mom, ya know, it is summer and I'm just doing summer stuff." And so she did. For the rest of the afternoon.
And if basking in the sun isn't enough, then kick on the sprinkler. bathing suit required, just keep your clothes on please. ;)

If only everyday could be a Tuesday afternoon.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Heart of gold.

Let's set the stage; Playing in Hope's room, on the floor with Emma and Hope. Hank barks from outside and Hope decides she is going to stand on a stool and manage her way between the blinds and window to holler at him. Amazed at her determination and climbing expertise, we sit and watch. Then one little step to the left and crash...she's down, hitting her chin on the window sill as she goes. Crying, tears rolling, and small amount of blood streaming from her mouth. Those sharp little bottom teeth have torn her upper gum.

As I comfort Hope, Adam goes to get ice water and a cold washrag. Emma has dissappeared. Once Adam gets back, he peaks in Emma's room to find her with "her look" laying on the bed. And as always, Adam didn't even get the full sentence "are you ok?" out before crocodile tears came rolling down. Emma told her dad, "I've just never seen my little sister bleed before."

Emma was scared and broken hearted. Even though it was a complete accident and tumble from Hope, the big sister's golden heart couldn't handle it. Adam had to go get Emma ice water now!

It wasn't before long, I had two girls sitting on my lap...both crying. Emma was crying because she was scared for her sister, and Hope was crying because she was looking back at the window wanting to get back over there to climb it again.

Oh Emma, you're heart is a golden as could be. So caring, so thoughtful, so tender. Is it any surpise that just a week shy of a year ago I posted this:
Love you to the moon and back my sweet girl. xoxo

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Extravaganza 2011

Emma had the day all planned out for "the best Dad in the world." First would be her singing and dancing skills showcased at the VBS program during Sunday church service, then a home cooked meal where she would give Adam his present. A new pair or shorts and matching hat with a gift certificate to go hit a bucket of golfballs at the driving range (ya know to use that new driver he got for Christmas with the plastic still on it!) Her plan was to have Adam go play golf while Hope napped in the afternoon, all the while her and I were packing a picnic lunch that would be ate at the splash pad.

Perfect plans, right? But then it rained. And poured....and poured....and poured some more. The VBS program was outstanding, but Emma's spirits were getting dampened by the rain. However, when in doubt just pray for some sunshine...and so she did.

Whoa-la. The clouds rolled away and the sun came out. The plastic was removed from the driver and golf was played while a picnic was packed. The splash pad was a hit for the whole family. A perfect day for a perfect dad.

Happy Father's Day!

Love, your girls. Xo

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Today was a first for a 10K. That's a tad over 6 miles, and I have never run more than four. Crazy. Yep, crazy. I'm not fast, heck I'm really got more of a jog going on than a run. But either way, I set a goal and did it. I did it. I did it! Slowly, but surly. Here is how my race went down...
Gun shot - we are off and a million people just passed me (OK maybe just 189)
1/2 mile - Am I really out of breath already?
1 mile - Um, it's just three people to my backside separating me from the "pick-up-scooter"...grrrrreat.
1.5 miles - Only thing keeping me going is the junk in the trunk running in front of me....if she can do it, so can I!
2 miles - Uhhh, we are running out of the side makes this look like it will never end.
2.5 miles - legs hurting...want to stop....don't stop...keep going. WHAT - A HILL?!?! (Ok so probably a small incline to most, but my thighs sure thought it was a mountain!)
3.1 miles/5K mark - So it has been 35 minutes and I really want to quit.....not going to though. And just for the record the guy that won the whole 10K is finished by now at 33 minutes....ugh.
3.5 miles - So we are in the country now. Sun is baking down on us and the hog farm has just hauled a fresh load of "honey". You think this would make me run faster!
4 miles - Observation...every firefighter/policeman that is stopping traffic and is placed along the race is largely obese. Hmmmm....interesting. And did I just run through that officers smoke from his cigarette? yep. Kinda would rather breath the hog crap.
4.5 - Is anyone else out here but me? ahhhh...passed the junk in the trunk. I'm such the speed demon.
5 miles - Muscles are jello.
6 miles - Never going to end.
Finish line - Done. No walking, just running. A slow run. 1 hour 15 minutes and 20 seconds to be exact. That's 12.08 miles. shhewww. o-v-e-r. 175th place out of 190.

Now why would I do such a thing like this.....seems crazy, right? Nah.
I do it because I know there is a bigger picture than just the hour and 15 minutes.
I do it because it is part of life.
I do it because, quite simply...I have HOPE.

Funny thing, as we crossed the finish line there was a large picnic table full of bottled water. All the bottles had labels on them with names of sponsors for the race. So thirsty, I just grabbed one. It wasn't till later, when I was sitting on the ground taking my last few sips that I noticed the sponsor on my bottle was "New Hope Community Church." Coincidence? I think not. Just God's way of working.
Love you Hope Kaylynn. This race was for you babe. MWAH.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It was going to happen sometime.

This evening, the girlsand I, after being couped up in the house all day, decided the weather was way to nice to pass up. So off we went for a picnic supper at the park. However, before we left Emma noticed I had a speck of blood on the front of my calf coming from a small bug bite. According to Emma there was "blood spraying out" and the nurse she is, ordered a bandaid protocol ASAP. I told her to get me one while I was getting Hope ready. Here she came with a purple dazzled out Princess Tianna bandaid. (and I was told she picked that over Barbie because they were about out and she likes them the best...not sure why the plain 'ol good kind was overlooked!)

Anyhow, being the the mother of two girls, I proudly wore my Disney Bandaid one inch below the hem of my capris. Once we were at the park, we all took a break to enjoy some good 'ol fashion swing action. I was pushing Hope and Emma was flying high on her own. As she slowed down to a stop, I noticed her staring at my leg. Then quietly, a soft spoken voice came out....

"Mom, I can see your band aid....and it is kinda embarrassing to me."

And there you have it...the first (of which I am sure will be many) public humiliation moments inflicted on my daughter.

Monday, June 13, 2011

What happens at Grandma's, stays at Grandma's.

Saturday evening, perfect weather, pool, slip-n-slide, pizza, ice cream, and four of the bestest-buddy-cousins you will ever meet. What. a. hoot.

It's evenings like this that make being a kid fun......and being a parent fun just by watching.

Friday, June 10, 2011

That girl's a mess!

No it's not her first birthday, just a normal day with a normal supper. She takes a few bites of baby food or food I have made for her in the food processor, but lately she has taken on more of a "hands on" roll when eating. Now a normal child (and I make this assumption based on our first calm and non-messy child) would take the food from their fingers to their mouth only, bypassing any temptation to touch their ears, hair, back of neck, etc. I guess Hope isn't normal, is she? Here is a sample of our typical everyday mealtime with her....just some good ol' roasted sweet potatoes, muskmelon, grapes and a slice of dad's birthday cake.

She's a mess. After she squeezes each handful of food, a good fourth of it lands packed behind her ears or in her hair. She pretty vocal about her eating as well as you can tell from the last picture.

She's a mess. We're a mess. No more calm, quiet, family dinners for us. And for those of you who know my neat-freak tendencies, this could pose much frustration....but it doesn't oddly enough. Just another on of life's messy blessings.