Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Wide Mouth Frog - LIVE!"

Monday evening was better than Broadway! We had the pleasure, along with grandparents and friends, to watch the play Wide Mouth Frog - LIVE, starring the 25 darling students from the Yellow Zone Pre-K class. Wonderful production I must say, giving it several thumbs up! But I was a little bias for one of the baby frogs played by beautiful Emma P., and one sweet as sweet could be lion played by Emma L. ....but of course many other yellow zone friends helped make the show remarkable too!!

Mother frog, starring Chloe, and all her baby frogs following behind!

Emma L. and Allie looking so lion-ish-ous.

Elton, Claire, and Emma singing away!

Cameron, Emma L. and Allie "I'm a Lion, Lion RrRooOaAARrr!"

Every frog has a HOP! "Boom Boom, what do you feed your Bbbbaaaabies? Boom Boom, what do you feed your Bbbaaaabies? Froggies are hungry ALL day long!
Boom boom, what do you feed your Bbbbbaaabies?!" Beautiful Lion. Mama frog Chloe with her baby frogs Claire, Emma P. and Max.
What wonderful lions, elephants and frogs!!! (The monkeys were in the balcony...being monkeys.) Take a bow everyone!!! After the spectacular production, Emma and her 24 classmates graduated and were offical signed off as ready for Kindergarten. Each student had their picture on the big screen along with what they wanted to be when they grow up. If you click on the photo below it will enlarge and you can read that when our Emma grows up, she would like to be one of the 12 dancing princesses. Hey, you can't put a price on a good imagination, and who knows, one day I just may blog about my dancing princess.
Official hand shake from Mrs. Benedict. So stinkin' proud of that Emma Lillie. Best buddies forever - Emma P. and Emma L.
And last but not least, two very very VERY wonderful people, Mrs. Pilcher and Mrs. Benedict. These two ladies are saints in my book. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning I would drop my daughter off, leaving her in the hands of the "Yellow Zone". These two people took her in as if she was their very own daughter. They taught her many things....things I had no idea a preschooler would read, to write, to share, to laugh, to ask questions, to imagine, to explore, math, science and the list goes on. But most importantly, they taught her about God's love. We will forever be saying the "open and shut them" prayer before every meal.

To Mrs. Pilcher and Mrs. Benedict - Thank you, thank you... and thank you.... for taking such extrordinary care of my girl. After the show and graduation, Emma led the way back home where we continued the celebration with some dessert. We also were able to go through a very fun purple bag, signed by each student, full of the many projects Emma had created these last few weeks. Amazing. AMAZING. When did she learn all this? When did she grow up? Don't answer that.

A very fun evening for all. What a celebration. ....and this is just Pre-K? How in the world am I going to handle 13 more years of this? {sniff, sniff,}

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