Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just the first of many adventures with Hope.

While Emma was at school today, Little Miss Hope and I ventured off to Whole Foods Grocery. What would seem like an ordinary trip to the grocery is no longer normal for me anymore. One word..."Hope."

Withing the past couple weeks, Hope has transitioned out of her carrier to the convertible carseat. While I am overly-thrilled to not have to carry that "pumpkins seat" as many call it, I didn't realize the new adventures that were embarking. See, now I have to carry Hope...just Hope...not buckles, no restraints, nothing. Nothing holding her still. And let me tell you she is anything but still.

There she is buckled in the front of the cart where children sit. She wiggles, reaches, and is in awesome amazement of this new world. Sounds adorable, huh? Not for mom! After turning her around, holding her down, holding coupons and a list, trying to read labels, and just the effort of pushing the cart, I felt like I was getting a workout! Then relief....ahhhhh, her bottle. That should keep her busy for a few minutes, right? Let's see...

Of course the nondairy yogurt that Emma loves is out of stock on the shelf. I ask this dear stock boy if he might have more in the back. He checks, and whoa-la, brings out a small case of twelve. I begin to put six of them in my cart as he begins to explain to me that if I buy the case I receive a 10% discount. (note: Apparently everything in Whole Foods can come in a case and if you purchase that number the register will automatically ring up a 10% discount. Brilliant.) So you know me...I jump on that deal! The gracious young man held the box case as I begin to put the six yogurts in my cart back in the box...I was taking them all!

In this process, Hope decides the many bags of produce in the back of the cart looks very appealing. So appealing that she manages to completely turn herself around while strapped in...leaned her head over the back of the seat, reaching for the greens...while stiffening her legs. All in a matter of two seconds that girl had her hinny in the air and went head first straight into the back of the cart landing on several bags of lettuce, herbs, and vegetables! Her little footed pajamas were just "running in the air" as she laughed and hollered. The poor stock boy helping me took one hand to grab one of her legs as he tried to balance the case of yogurt with the other. I managed to get one of Hope's arms as she went over and tried to pull her up as I was dropping the loose yogurts everywhere.

That's right...we caused a scene. Right there in the middle of the busy grocery. Child upside down in cart, yogurts rolling across the floor, and a poor stock boy who kept saying, "I don't know what to grab!"

As we get everything back in order, we laughed and Hope was proudly sitting back in the cart, turned the right way with a death grip on a bag of red leafed lettuce.

What can I say? Eventful, entertaining, yet exhausting that girl. Love her to pieces.

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  1. Hilarious! So glad you can't blame that on one of my kids! :)