Thursday, May 26, 2011


This is a picture of Emma's play kitchen. Every kid that comes through our doors goes straight to it to play, no matter the age, no matter the gender. It's a hit with everyone...even Hope. She loves it. Opening the doors, tossing out all the dishes and food, and just plain 'ol making a disaster zone of it.
Look closely at the middle section. Its the oven...and it is "door-less". Why, you ask??? Because Hope apparently thought she could stand on it. That's right Emma and I caught her hiking her leg up on it trying to reach so badly for the burner buttons. Needless to say the door didn't work as a step stool. Hope didn't care though...still determined to reach the top, she continued to try to climb it. I weighted down the back with a bag of rocks...I didn't get an A in physics class, but it was obvious what was going to happen...
...and it did. She was stuck.
After retrieving her from the oven incident, I heard yet more cries from the living room. Looking all over for that ball of a whopping 17 pounds, I finally found her yet stuck again.
Her front part had squeezed through the corner of the couches, but her hips couldn't make it through. Not knowing how to put on her beeper and back it up, she just lay there...mad and hollering. Stuck.

Any bets on how many more times I find her stuck in life?
Thank you Jesus for giving such an on the move (and stuck) gal, and thank you for giving me the energy to keep up with her...well, so far.

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