Sunday, May 15, 2011

High heals ain't made for mamas.

So a little behind here on the blog. Let's catch up, starting with last Sunday...Mother's Day. Scratch that...let's call it Mother's Week.

Sunday morning, in the middle of my shower, Emma comes flying into the bathroom shouting "Happy Mother's Day!" She was jumping, giggling and dancing around just like normal. ( Normal, this word will not be used anymore to describe the week.) She had a wonderfully wrapped present she had been working hard on at pre-school all week. Not being able to hold in the secret any longer she was eager for me to finally unwrap it.
It was also announced, while jumping, that Dad was taking us all to the Children's Museum after church to spend a family day together. Emma was crazy excited. Crazy crazy CRAZY excited!

And here it is, my so so beautiful vase handcrafted by my sweet Emma Lillie. Every color perfectly placed, and now the vase is perfectly placed in my kitchen. Love. it. to. pieces.

Time for church. Not only was it special enough to be "Mom's big day," it was also the day of which we had Hope dedicated during the Sunday church service. Everyone got all decked out, even good 'ol-wear-sweatpants-everyday-mom. Yep, that's right ladies and gentlemen, I put on a dress and even went as far as doing my hair, put on make-up and AND and wore heals. High heals...such a man's invention. Anyhow, service was great...well, must remember we are talking about an event that involves Hope.

First two seconds on the stage and she tries to pull the young boy's hair next to us. (And yes Colt's fans....that is retired "Hunter the Punter" holding his girl and his boy about to become harassed by our daughter.)
....but awwwwwwe....look at the God-centered beautiful moment when Adam got to read Jeremiah 29:11 as Hope was introduced.
However, as always with Hope, never a dull moment. This is me trying to hold her still in her ever moving world. Lovely how she is eating the dickens out of her nice sweater....but not as lovely as the three chins I'm sporting. And am I really flipping the camera and entire sanctuary of people off with my hand holding her leg? No, just trying to hold on to the bow that was in her hair before she decided to grab it out and throw on the stage floor. Notice Adam looking away as if he pretends not to know us....
...I give up, my arms can not contain her squiggly little body to try - Dad. Obviously, not anymore more successful than I holding her....
All the while, we were blessed to have Adam's parents come up and share in this occasion. Good thing too. We decided that since Emma was such a faithful part of bringing Hope into this world, we wanted her to wittiness the dedication of her little sister. She sat beside Grandma and Papaw, but midway through ended up curled up in a ball on Grandma's lap. Here is where Mother's Week all began....

Let's just cut to the chase. Emma ended up sitting with me in the foyer during the rest of the service...with a "puke bucket". Yep, that's right. And the fever to go with it. She turned into a rag doll and had to be carried. Here is where I realize high heals aren't made for mamas!

Anyhow, as the day progressed so did a very sick little lady. She got punier by the minute. After a sleepless night of vomit and fevers, Adam took her to the doctor's first thing Monday morning. Pneumonia. Poor poor Emma. So sick, so tired, so devastated she messed up visiting the Children's Museum, and so so so devastated she was going to miss her very first school field trip the next day to the zoo.

My heart was melting. I could not stand seeing my baby sick. Worst feeling in the world. All I could offer was holding a cold washrag over her forehead for the night and pray. Luckily after a second medication to hold in the first medication, she was slowly beginning to recover. Which brings us to Tuesday morning.

Hope is now coughing. She didn't sleep well that night before. By noon she had a 102 fever and also had one scared mama on the phone with the doctor. No time to waste, I was taking her in. So we all packed up and off we went to the doctor for the second day in a row. Upper respiratory infection she had. So now we have child #2 melting my heart.

But life must go on right? Right. Next comes Wednesday. After lunch I notice our dog sitting in the corner shaking. He was hot to touch and not looking good. He couldn't move well. Correction - he wasn't moving at all. Oh boy....oh boy. So I stayed up most of the night with him, trying to get him to drink, stay cool and be as comfortable as possible. Thursday morning could not come fast enough.

Thursday morning brought all us girls and the dog to the vet. A long, very long, hour and 45 minutes we spent there finding out that poor Hank has arthritis extremely bad in his back knees. Apparently he had bumped his back right enough to cause some severe inflammation. You must understand, Hank is my ultimate buddy..."man's best friend" doesn't do it justice.

Heart. melting. again.

We journey home. I carry in all my troops. Emma feeling much better, Hope missed a nap so a bit cranky, and Hank unable to walk. I carry his all 50 pounds in the house.....and throughout the day outside to go to the bathroom.

This mama is tired. By the time Friday rolled around all I had in me was....well, nothing. Miraculously, God gave me the energy to wash all the germ-infested-smelly-gross-me-out bedsheets, towels, pajamas, couch, you name it - it got cleaned. And there they sat. Those ridiculously engineered high heals. I'll pick them up, and put them away packed in their shoebox. Maybe get them out next year? Maybe not.Happy Mother's day to ALL you beautiful moms out there. But you know as well as I do, it isn't just a's just life.

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