Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trading bows for ball caps.

When Emma had just turned one year old, I discovered clippies, we called them, for her hair. How cute and fun to "decorate" my daughter! Then as her hair got longer, we graduated to bows...and bigger bows...and then two big bows. Emma didn't go anywhere without her momma sticking these over the edge, humongous, bows in her hair. It's a wonder that her little head didn't tip over many times!

We soon filled a drawer in the bathroom with bows. Once there were too many that they began getting smashed (and we can not have smashed bows!), I made a bulletin board thing like for inside the closet door for them to clip on and hang. It got full. Now we have two. And Emma loves it. She is old enough now to pick her own out...however, I have no explanation for the picture below. :)
Anyhow....excited that my little Hope has much hair, I have tried decorating her up. Not so easy. She pulls them out or moves around too much that they just get knocked out. (No fear though, this momma will not give up!) ....or should I???

She played and played for quite sometime with this ball cap on. Never once took it off. Never once knocked it off. Guess the ball cap will look a little funny with her Sunday dress, huh? nahhhhhhhh.

And those are my girls. Bows and ball I one lucky duck, or what?

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