Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hurry, your help is needed!

See these two faces...they are only one month older than our daughter, Hope. Today they need your help. Let me tell a small bit of their story.... My sister-in-law, Audra and her family live in Lexington, KY. They are blessed with the friendship of two very faith filled and God loving people, Wes and Nina Mullins. Wes and Nina have been an a ginormous journey to expand their family and bring beautiful children into their life. To make a long story short (and a very long story if you ask the Mullins I'm sure!), their prayers were answered last year when they got a call there were twins in Ethiopia that they could adopt. Waiting and waiting and waiting, they finally were able to go to the third world country in January to meet their beautiful children Alex and Eliana whom were then six months old.

Many of us have pictures of meeting our children the moment they are born in the hospital. Here is that picture and moment for Wes and Nina....BEAUTIFUL. Anyhow, it is now 80 days later. EIGHTY DAYS. The enemy is doing a splendid job at making it very difficult for the Mullins family to get back to America. And now to add to the madness, Wes must come back to the US to go back to work this week leaving his wife and two children behind as they wait on the paperwork to clear. Join with me today to help make a difference.

The Mullin's family has a blog: Click here and you can see how, for this week only, you can be a part of a fundraiser to help with all the extra expenses. You have the opportunity to purchase the most adorable tote for $25, or simply donate through pay pal using the link on their blog. And of course the power of prayer is at the top of the request list! Pray that the paper work needed can get done fast so these adorable children can come home. Also pray that Satan would go to....ummmm....ya, home too.

Many more pictures and of course the amazing story of this amazing family at the blog. feel free to scroll through it. I have never meet the Mullins personally, but my heart pours out to them. These are God's children they have. Their children. Their nine month old children. Lets help get them home.

Granted they are Kentucky fans, but we can work on that when they get home with some good 'ol Hoosier loving red. :)
Thank you so very very much.


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  2. My Baby's Name Quilts supports the Mullin's family and just purchased that cool tote!!!!