Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ceremonial burning of the Christmas tree.

Since the beginning of January our once beautifully decorated Christmas tree lay naked in the very back of the yard on our what will be official fire pit. Last night the Christmas tree took its last breath and up in flames she went. But before the ceremony began, nothing like roasting a hot dog and making s'mores to celebrate! ahhhhh....I just love the first warm evening's of spring!

Emma just chillin' as her dad gets the fire started. Christmas tree not looking so good.
Please don't call child services...our daughter's hinny isn't really on fire. The girls "roughin' it". (and the only way I will eat a hot dog!)
Somebody just couldn't wait on a s'more once the crackers were open.
Sticky, but heavenly. Simply divine.
Hope handing out some sugar.
The aftermath of our Christmas tree.
It's amazing how much fun you can fit in a wagon!
Emma and I were the last two standing at our fun evening. As the sky grew dark we gathered up all our goodies and headed inside.


"What Emma?"

"I think we need a new Christmas tree for this year."

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