Saturday, March 19, 2011

Not even Santa could bring this much fun.

Friday the sun was shining and the temperature was decent. The girls and I rushed home from picking Emma up at school and put on our hooded jackets and out we went.....ahhhhh fresh air! However, just as any school day, there isn't much opportunity to do too much together until Hope needs her afternoon nap. We had one very bummed Emma that Hope and I had to go inside, so I told her I would be back out as soon as Hope went to sleep. (Gotta love monitors.) Wouldn't you know it as soon as I get back outside to spend time with Emma, down comes the rain. Hard. Lots and lots of rain.

Prior to the rain coming down, we had backed our Equinox to the very bottom of the driveway. Our plan was to create a racetrack on the upper part of the drive and ride bikes on it. Obviously the rain took care of that idea. So what to do now....what to do....hmmmmm..

"Come on Emma, run fast!" We ran to the bottom of the drive and opened up the back of the Equinox. With the hatch up we sat in the back of the car listening to the rain pound on the vehicle. ...that is if you could her hear it over the ridiculously loud giggles coming from Emma. She thought this was the coolest thing in the world! And I must add, I thought it was pretty fun myself. There we sat in the pouring rain, in the back out of the car. No toys, no entertainment, just ourselves. And of course the passing neighbors that looked at us like we were crazy! We just smiled big and waved as they drove past.....and of course laughed. Laughed, A LOT.

It was fun. Just me, Emma, and the rain. The rain only lasted about 15 minutes. But man oh man, were those the best 15 minutes of my day. I love these moments. There will always be those other moments in life like "first steps" or "first words", but for me the day we sat in the back of the car just to listen to the rain will probably be remembered more.

Oh, and whats better than giggling like crazy while sitting in the car during the rain? Having a spitting contest out the back - of course! Haa haAa HaAAaa ha haaahaaHAa...
What an awesome day.

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