Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The life of a second child.

Lately I have found myself renaming our second child. Her new name is "Just a Minute Hope." Sometimes I switch it up and for short I call her "Hang on Hope."
Poor number two child. After she puts on the hand-me-down clothes from child number one, she then spends most of her day waiting, getting her food shoveled in her faster than she can swallow and then stuffed in a carseat. As a parent I didn't relize that number two child's life seems to revolve around child number one's schedule. Guilty. It can make a mom feel pretty guilty. But what do you do? Somedays I'm just at a loss. How is this child going to feel just as special and important, unique and not just the tag along.
However when I look at her face and see that smile, I say to myself...."I don't think she minds at all."

And to add to today's confession, nine out of ten times I do mistakingly call Hope by the name Hank (ahhh Hank, the beloved first baby in my life...aka the dog.) No wonder they are such great pals already.

Oh wait, they are pals because every snackpuff I lay out for Hope to eat she graciously gives to the dog for a treat. Such a giver that bundle of sweetness she is.
So there you have it, the life of a second child. What a beautiful life, right? Right. And that beauty is currently sitting behind me jabbering for my attention....gotta go, life is calling.

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