Thursday, March 24, 2011


Sometimes I take for granted the amazing power God has. The attention He gives to every single detail of our lives simply blows me away when I stop to think about. There are the obvious things in life; our family, how life brought us together, how everything happens for a reason, etc., etc. But what about all those teeny-tiny details that He so carefully puts in our lives that are so easily overlooked. Seriously, God has a pretty big how does He do it?

Just look at this....
...see those cute little piggies? As if the story of our Hope isn't amazing and miraculous enough to showcase the good work of God, just take a look closely at the #2 toe. Yes, that's right, check out the toe right next to her big toe. It curves. It curves! I can not get over this.

I will spare you pictures of two grown men's hairy toes, but let me tell you, Hope's Daddy AND Papaw have the exact same toe. EXACT. Same #2 toe, same curve, same shape, same everything. With this big big world that God has to take care of, how did he put in such a teeny-tiny detail like this. I am amazed. You may think I am weird for this, but it totally amazes the ba-gee-bers out of me.

And aside from the amazement, who doesn't just want to kiss all over those dang cute things anyhow! :)

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