Friday, February 11, 2011

When I was a kid....

"When I was a kid..."
How many people just swear they will never say that when they are adults? Well, sometimes it just can't be helped. See, when I was a kid, we had two was called our school coat, obviously to be worn to school (and church). The other was called our play coat. The play coat was what we wore outside to play in and work in. They hung on the back porch and usually had the warm smell of barn or sheep on them. Of course my play coats were always hand-me-downs of my brothers, therefore pink was totally out of the question. And by the time they got to me, there was a good chance of a patch or two sewn on.

But now it is 2011 and I ain't no kid anymore. However I have kids. Two of the most gorgeous girls you will find. They are truly blessed when it comes to clothes. And anyone who knows their Great Aunt Debbie, knows they are blessed with lots of pink, fur, ruffles, sparkles and any fru-fru found in Haubstaudt.
I will have to admit there are more than two hooks for their coats in the closet.

As I post these pictures, I wonder if in 30 years Hope will be saying to her children, "when I was a kid.... play coat had more fur on it than the dog!"

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