Monday, February 14, 2011


The red, the pink, the hearts, the bows, the sweets, you name it...
...I. Love. It. All.

How could there be a more perfect Valentine?
My girls kicked the holiday off yesterday evening by throwing a party for their dad. There were heart pizzas, homemade Valentines, gifts of love, decorations, music, dancing, and cake - a BIG CAKE...all prepared by Hope and Emma!
Today, after picking Emma up from school, we had a girls day out at the Simply Sweet Shoppe in Carmel. A very cute and quaint candy store that has every imaginable piece of sweetness you could ever dream of. When we came home, a pit stop at our mailbox was made...ker-wow! was overflowing with red and pink messages, hugs and kisses! One thing is for sure, these girls are definitely loved by several!

I can not help but to think of a year ago. Adam and I sat in our dining room as we totally devoted our 100% attention all evening to our daughter as she serenaded us with her famous ballet moves to all 19 songs on the classical music mix CD. We both sat there and could not even imagine how we would be able to share these moments with another child in the months to come.
After today, what we sat there a year ago and thought was going to be so hard to do this year proved to be so easy. So very very easy.

I love you Emma Lillie and Hope the moon and back, and back again.


  1. I'm so sick of you living in Indiana.

  2. Let's do you say, "me too" in a secret language so the Indiana folks can't read this? shhhhhh.....