Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things to do while iced in for three days...

1. Collect sleet from back porch.

2. Eat sleet from back porch...assuming it is not yellow.

3. Pull out the 4 foot tall pop up castle that was purchased 75% off after Christmas sales...ya know the thing that was saved for a "rainy" day. (When the ice is gone will someone please come over and show me how to fold this thing backup in its 18 inch-flat-as-a-pancake package?!)

4. Watch the neighborhood kids use your yard for an ice hockey rink. According to these Jr. High kids we have the best yard in the neighborhood for their skates!

5. Play dress up and see what Adam would look like in a lavender hat.6. Make popsicles on the back porch.
7. Eat the popsicles from the back porch.
8. Smile and be as gosh darn cute as you possible can!
Take that old man winter!!!

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