Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My daughter had a revelation today.

She had been playing with her baby dolls all morning. She was doing all the "usual;" dressing, changing diapers, fixing hair, feeding, rocking, putting to sleep, ya know the whole nine yards. She is so sweet as she talks ever so gently to each one, and even assist them each in learning how to sit, crawl and walk. Then out of nowhere, Emma comes up to me, and as if a light bulb was just gleaming right upside her head...

"Mom, if you are my mom and I am mom to all my babes, then that would make you their grandma!"

ahhhhh-ha....and so you are right my dear sweet Emma. Of course, just as any other proud grandparent in the world, I too shall share my brag book. I love you all; Baby George, Baby Lila, Bow Babe, Babe, Hat Babe, Girl Babe, and Boy Babe.

*And just for the record, these pictures magically appeared on my camera. I didn't really spend my day taking pictures of the grandkids.
Oh that Emma, she's such a good mom.


  1. So should we call you "Babe's Grandma", "Baby's Grandma", "Baby Bow's Grandma"??? We know you can't just be called Grandma!