Thursday, February 17, 2011

My version of "Go Big Red"

It was powerfully windy today but that did not stop us from hitting the park. It was wonderful to breath some of that God-given fresh air! And the girls...well, they could not have been happier. Emma loves the park more than anything, and Hope was really diggin' the swing. (Or it could be she was diggin' the fact that her mom dressed her in the most ridiculously cute sweater and hat ever made?!) All in all, it was a great visit despite the wind and clouds. Just see for yourself......


  1. Can we please talk about the pic of Emma on the tire swing, eyes closed, hair blowing in the wind? Oh my gosh, picture perfect.

  2. Thanks!
    Can you not just smell and feel the fresh air of spring when you see that? And for the record it only took about 274 shots, mostly of me swaying back and forth with the motion of the swing, just to capture the moment!