Wednesday, February 23, 2011

HAPPY 100!

Today was a BIG day at school for Emma. The 100 day celebration!! Everything was celebrated with 100 of everything. The students began the day by walking through a big gold streamer sign announcing the magnificent 100th day of school. Each student got to take a collection of 100 items...after thinking about what Emma could take, all I could think off was 100 Barbie shoes and outfits, or 100 pink items.....and I'm pretty sure Mrs. Benedict did not want a pink princess chair carried in her room this morning! So what else....OF COURSE....100 of Emma's creations! (Anyone that knows Emma, has seen her massive amount of drawings and pictures she makes e.v.e.r.y. day, seriously multiple drawings every day.) Finding an 100 was a piece of cake and into a binder they went, off to the yellow zone for show and tell.

When I picked Emma up from school today, her smile was 100 miles long. She talked 100 miles per hour, no question about that! They had got to make their own trail mix (100 pieces of course), make a 100 book, color 100 pictures, did 100 exercises, counted 100 of everything, and made that outstanding 100 crown you see above. How does Mrs. Benedict do this? She is amazing - 100 kudos to her!

Pre -'s all so exciting. Please, please, please Emma, be that excited over 100 days of school in oh lets say 8, 9, 10 years....pleasssseeeee? :)

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