Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crayon Hearts

Over in the sweet land of Dublin Ohio is a very wonderful and awesome mom whom also is a dear friend of mine. She is ridiculously crafty and is kind enough to share many of her "better-than-Picasso creations" on her blog. One of her postings before Christmas was so darling, I couldn't resist but to try it myself.

Emma and I put our own little spin on it by using some silicone molds we found in the dollar bins at Target. Seriously, how much better can life get - being able to melt crayons and shop the dollar bins at Target?!
da da da DAAAAAaaaa - PRESTO - check out these adorable heart Crayons just in time for our Valentine sweeties to have...
Every craft project in this house has the handy work of Emma blessed in it. She is my little artist! Tearing the paper off the crayons was a dream come true for her...not sure why, but she found it VERY entertaining. (The banana is not a needed tool for this project, however, sure was a good snack!) :)
Here they go....ready for the oven. One dollar for that mold! And my husband thinks Target is out to get me, well I have news for him!
We did use an assortment of crayons from Crayola to the freebies we bring home from restaurants. My dear friend Ali posted in her blog that she heard Crayola worked the best. Correct she was! The cheap-o crayons seemed to have a clear paraffin wax that rose to the top of the mold when it cooled which made that side of the heart crayon color "clear". The clear side is not so fun on white paper! So keep the cheap-o crayons for fun and use Crayola for this project. Then into the oven at 350. My larger hearts took around 8 minutes, give or take...and the small hearts only took 2 or 3 minutes. Absolutely perfect for my impatient soul. After the oven, the molds made thier way to the single digit iced back porch which made for the best cooling area.
Aren't these pictures just divine? Sooths my creative spirit wonderfully...all the colors, the mixing, the creating, the sparkle of some glitter....and who doesn't like to melt things?!
Look at how easy they just popped out of that dollar bin silicone mold. Did I mention it was only a dollar?!? Love it.

And to seal the deal are cute little Valentine goodie bags that are a dime a dozen, tied with some cutie heart ribbon and a tag made by Emma. What a fun gift for our friends that was exciting to make with my daughter, looks gosh darn cute, and doesn't contain any sugar!!!

Happy Valentine's Day Bryant, Micah, Amaya, Allie, Emma L. and Carter!!!

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  1. I am DYING because I had the same idea for Valentine's Day. Except I was robbed! I bought a Wilton mold from JoAnn's for $12 or something ridiculous like that. I can't believe you found those molds for only $1!!!

    Thanks for thinking of me. You are too kind. And I miss you tons. TONS!