Thursday, February 24, 2011

What to title this....

...hmmmm.... Should I title this post The Best of Both Worlds, or Well Rounded Girl?
These two pictures are just a quick snapshot of things I see in my house today. Let them speak for themselves.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

HAPPY 100!

Today was a BIG day at school for Emma. The 100 day celebration!! Everything was celebrated with 100 of everything. The students began the day by walking through a big gold streamer sign announcing the magnificent 100th day of school. Each student got to take a collection of 100 items...after thinking about what Emma could take, all I could think off was 100 Barbie shoes and outfits, or 100 pink items.....and I'm pretty sure Mrs. Benedict did not want a pink princess chair carried in her room this morning! So what else....OF COURSE....100 of Emma's creations! (Anyone that knows Emma, has seen her massive amount of drawings and pictures she makes e.v.e.r.y. day, seriously multiple drawings every day.) Finding an 100 was a piece of cake and into a binder they went, off to the yellow zone for show and tell.

When I picked Emma up from school today, her smile was 100 miles long. She talked 100 miles per hour, no question about that! They had got to make their own trail mix (100 pieces of course), make a 100 book, color 100 pictures, did 100 exercises, counted 100 of everything, and made that outstanding 100 crown you see above. How does Mrs. Benedict do this? She is amazing - 100 kudos to her!

Pre -'s all so exciting. Please, please, please Emma, be that excited over 100 days of school in oh lets say 8, 9, 10 years....pleasssseeeee? :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Child #1

I title this Child #1 not because she is my favorite, not because she the front runner in everything, but simply because she was simply the first. The first child, the first girl, the first set of big blue eyes, the first blond bombshell to enter my life. And what a doosey that #1 was.
I know every parent is blessed with children that every now and then will say things putting them in stitches with laughter. Our #1 is very good at that, which is why I post many of her "moments". I never want there to be a day when I say, "I just wish I could remember all those little funny things." Today is one of those days...

This family has never had cable, and has always sported for the ever-beautiful rabbit ears for the past ten years in an attempt to save money. (Correction, last year when living in OH we did get crazy and bought into the $12 cable package...I know, pretty wild, huh?) Anyhow, now that we are in a place in life when we no longer have other financial obligations, Adam has rewarded the family with the purchase of cable television. I'm talking THE. BIG. PACKAGE.
Well, in the midst of sorting through the children's channels, Emma and I have stumbled upon channel 114 called Boomerang. Those of you out there that know your cable are well aware this channel features old cartoons...or shall I say old-er. I find it so entertaining to see the Smurfs, Pop-eye, Yogi Bear, Tom and Jerry, the Jetsons, and a whole slew of my childhood favorites. Better yet, I find it entertaining that my daughter is choosing these over the Disney channel! She loves these shows!

Yesterday, Emma and I were watching. When explaining to her how Pop-Eye was going to get stronger when he ate his spinach, she asked how I knew that. Proudly I was telling her about how I watched these shows when I was a kid. Her response:
"WhhHHAAaaT?!?! You had Boomerang when you were a kid???!?!"

I had to laugh. If only Emma could see the big TV that sat on the floor and had two ginormous knobs on it...the top knob stayed on a single digit number, the bottom knob you turned around to the THREE (yes only three) major was a slug to turn...thug, thug, thug. ...and only had cartoons on Saturday morning?!?! Whoa. So, no Emma there wasn't Boomerang when I was a kid. But boy, was Saturday morning in front of that big box on the floor pretty cool.

Another story from my #1...
We listen to K-love Christian Radio in the car on the way to and from her school. She has been learning many of the songs and enjoys singing along with them. One in particular is Chris Tomlin's, "I will Follow." The lyrics are of such:
Where you go, I'll go
Where you stay, I'll stay
When you move, I'll move I will follow you
Who you love, I'll love
How you serve I'll serve
If this life I lose, I will follow you I will follow you

After singing along with this one, Emma informs me from the back seat, "Mom, I think I know who this song is talking about." How exciting to hear her say that because there is nothing better than your child learning and understanding about the great works of our Savior! She continues...

"At first I thought it was written about Hope and me because as she gets older she is going to do whatever I do, but I don't think that is what it is really about." Shew...okay, now I'm thinking she's gonna get it, right? And so she continues...

"But now I figured out it is really about Hope and Hank, because you know she is going to follow and chase him forever because she really likes grabbing his tail."

I sure do think Jesus has to be up there smiling and just chuckling away. And a part of me thinks He doesn't mind at all that Emma has interpreted that song in her own way.

Thank you Emma Lillie. Thank you for having such a free spirit. Thank you for sharing that free spirit with me...I treasure every single moment. Every. single. one.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My version of "Go Big Red"

It was powerfully windy today but that did not stop us from hitting the park. It was wonderful to breath some of that God-given fresh air! And the girls...well, they could not have been happier. Emma loves the park more than anything, and Hope was really diggin' the swing. (Or it could be she was diggin' the fact that her mom dressed her in the most ridiculously cute sweater and hat ever made?!) All in all, it was a great visit despite the wind and clouds. Just see for yourself......

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My daughter had a revelation today.

She had been playing with her baby dolls all morning. She was doing all the "usual;" dressing, changing diapers, fixing hair, feeding, rocking, putting to sleep, ya know the whole nine yards. She is so sweet as she talks ever so gently to each one, and even assist them each in learning how to sit, crawl and walk. Then out of nowhere, Emma comes up to me, and as if a light bulb was just gleaming right upside her head...

"Mom, if you are my mom and I am mom to all my babes, then that would make you their grandma!"

ahhhhh-ha....and so you are right my dear sweet Emma. Of course, just as any other proud grandparent in the world, I too shall share my brag book. I love you all; Baby George, Baby Lila, Bow Babe, Babe, Hat Babe, Girl Babe, and Boy Babe.

*And just for the record, these pictures magically appeared on my camera. I didn't really spend my day taking pictures of the grandkids.
Oh that Emma, she's such a good mom.

Monday, February 14, 2011


The red, the pink, the hearts, the bows, the sweets, you name it...
...I. Love. It. All.

How could there be a more perfect Valentine?
My girls kicked the holiday off yesterday evening by throwing a party for their dad. There were heart pizzas, homemade Valentines, gifts of love, decorations, music, dancing, and cake - a BIG CAKE...all prepared by Hope and Emma!
Today, after picking Emma up from school, we had a girls day out at the Simply Sweet Shoppe in Carmel. A very cute and quaint candy store that has every imaginable piece of sweetness you could ever dream of. When we came home, a pit stop at our mailbox was made...ker-wow! was overflowing with red and pink messages, hugs and kisses! One thing is for sure, these girls are definitely loved by several!

I can not help but to think of a year ago. Adam and I sat in our dining room as we totally devoted our 100% attention all evening to our daughter as she serenaded us with her famous ballet moves to all 19 songs on the classical music mix CD. We both sat there and could not even imagine how we would be able to share these moments with another child in the months to come.
After today, what we sat there a year ago and thought was going to be so hard to do this year proved to be so easy. So very very easy.

I love you Emma Lillie and Hope the moon and back, and back again.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

From one Valentine to another...

To all of our blog followers and readers,
We love you...and you..and YOU, and you and you and you and you and you, and YOU!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

When I was a kid....

"When I was a kid..."
How many people just swear they will never say that when they are adults? Well, sometimes it just can't be helped. See, when I was a kid, we had two was called our school coat, obviously to be worn to school (and church). The other was called our play coat. The play coat was what we wore outside to play in and work in. They hung on the back porch and usually had the warm smell of barn or sheep on them. Of course my play coats were always hand-me-downs of my brothers, therefore pink was totally out of the question. And by the time they got to me, there was a good chance of a patch or two sewn on.

But now it is 2011 and I ain't no kid anymore. However I have kids. Two of the most gorgeous girls you will find. They are truly blessed when it comes to clothes. And anyone who knows their Great Aunt Debbie, knows they are blessed with lots of pink, fur, ruffles, sparkles and any fru-fru found in Haubstaudt.
I will have to admit there are more than two hooks for their coats in the closet.

As I post these pictures, I wonder if in 30 years Hope will be saying to her children, "when I was a kid.... play coat had more fur on it than the dog!"

The bigger the better...just ask Emma.

That should keep her busy for awhile. ;)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crayon Hearts

Over in the sweet land of Dublin Ohio is a very wonderful and awesome mom whom also is a dear friend of mine. She is ridiculously crafty and is kind enough to share many of her "better-than-Picasso creations" on her blog. One of her postings before Christmas was so darling, I couldn't resist but to try it myself.

Emma and I put our own little spin on it by using some silicone molds we found in the dollar bins at Target. Seriously, how much better can life get - being able to melt crayons and shop the dollar bins at Target?!
da da da DAAAAAaaaa - PRESTO - check out these adorable heart Crayons just in time for our Valentine sweeties to have...
Every craft project in this house has the handy work of Emma blessed in it. She is my little artist! Tearing the paper off the crayons was a dream come true for her...not sure why, but she found it VERY entertaining. (The banana is not a needed tool for this project, however, sure was a good snack!) :)
Here they go....ready for the oven. One dollar for that mold! And my husband thinks Target is out to get me, well I have news for him!
We did use an assortment of crayons from Crayola to the freebies we bring home from restaurants. My dear friend Ali posted in her blog that she heard Crayola worked the best. Correct she was! The cheap-o crayons seemed to have a clear paraffin wax that rose to the top of the mold when it cooled which made that side of the heart crayon color "clear". The clear side is not so fun on white paper! So keep the cheap-o crayons for fun and use Crayola for this project. Then into the oven at 350. My larger hearts took around 8 minutes, give or take...and the small hearts only took 2 or 3 minutes. Absolutely perfect for my impatient soul. After the oven, the molds made thier way to the single digit iced back porch which made for the best cooling area.
Aren't these pictures just divine? Sooths my creative spirit wonderfully...all the colors, the mixing, the creating, the sparkle of some glitter....and who doesn't like to melt things?!
Look at how easy they just popped out of that dollar bin silicone mold. Did I mention it was only a dollar?!? Love it.

And to seal the deal are cute little Valentine goodie bags that are a dime a dozen, tied with some cutie heart ribbon and a tag made by Emma. What a fun gift for our friends that was exciting to make with my daughter, looks gosh darn cute, and doesn't contain any sugar!!!

Happy Valentine's Day Bryant, Micah, Amaya, Allie, Emma L. and Carter!!!