Monday, January 17, 2011

Wild Child

Anyone that knows Hope can tell you she may look EXACTLY like our first daughter, but this second daughter has a whole different personality!
Emma is the shy, quiet type. She sits for hours and can create all sorts of crafts, draw, read, and play imaginative things all day. Hope...she can not be in the same spot for more than 20 minutes without getting cranky. Hope is a mover and a shaker - her arms and legs don't stop moving...I'm not kidding, never stop. Never. When Emma was a baby she would sit very contently...and sleep! Hope only takes 30 minute naps during the day and still feels like she needs to wake up her parents twice a night.

I put bows in Hope's hair, she pulls them out. I put bibs on Hope, she pulls them off. Yesterday in church, I had to excuse myself and take her out...not because she was noisy, but because she was flapping her arms everywhere and trying to grab the ladies bulletin beside me that was on her lap! When it comes to eating, Hope can't keep her head still enough for the spoon to hit her mouth! She is wearing several of Emma's baby clothes which have zero stains on them...not now - Hope has made sure during every meal, food hits some article of clothing whether it be her's or our's!

Ohhhhh Hope. She will never be the one to sit still enough to "craft" like Emma. But we still love her! ....welllll, most of the time....wink wink.

And here she is...her shirt states it perfectly. "Wild Child"

p.s. Her hair has done that for the past three days. I comb it down and it still sticks up! Wild hair, for that wild personality. Either way, she's the dang cutest little sister I know.

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