Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stop and smell the roses.

We hear that saying all the time, but does anyone actually take the time to stop in this rush rush life? All the time I walk into the house hands full of grocery bags, a diaper bag across my shoulder and car seat with child in tow. We stumble into the crowded back door, hitting corners and walls. As soon as we get inside it is put groceries away, take care of child, go to the bathroom (because you know mom's only get to do that twice a day), and of course yell at the dog for being on the couch while we were gone only to get the sweeper out to clean up the dog hair nest he left. Then with just seconds to breath, it is time to go pick up Emma from school, so back in the car and do it all again.

....not this time. The groceries sat unattended, the dog seemed invisible and well, my bladder, it can wait.....all because I noticed there was a need to stop. Just look at that. The sun was perfect, the smile was perfect...oh where is that camera? Ahhh, right here....
- click -

Let me tell ya, those roses have never smelled so good.

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