Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New York City in 24 hours...

Date night in New York? ...wait, date night??? :)

Adam had a meeting in NYC on Monday morning and we decided it would be fun for me to go and we would leave early Sunday morning and be back home Monday evening. And of course all made possible with Grandma to stay with the girls! Thanks Emma's Grandma!
So here ya have it...NY in 24 hours...
Our hotel room was 10 windows up from the McDonald's sign, left of Oprah.

Ground Zero. Breathtaking. Pictures do it no justice.

Times Square!

None other than the lady herself. A must see.

Grand Central Station...just like in Madagascar! ;)

The perfect show to see on Broadway. Outstanding.
The Good Morning Show!
I wasn't one of the people that stood in line at 6:45 am, but rather got there at 8:45 and stood outside the window with another gal...Robin Roberts gave us a wave!

Fun times. It was short, quick, yet sweet. My first time there and just enough to give me taste to want to come back and see the rest. All though next time I hope it isn't 7 degrees with razor sharp wind!

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