Friday, January 28, 2011

Can't contain her.

Bumbo seat...packed up. Stationary bouncy seat...packed up. Swing...packed up.

That's right. At just a mere five months, Hope has mastered climbing over the side of the bumbo seat by getting on her knee and hanging over the edge...she has successfully completed a half somersault out of the bouncy seat while being buckled in...and with those two incidents, the swing screamed danger to me. Seriously, Hope!

These pictures below are from after Christmas. Hope's Uncle Todd made her a bench. She loves it. Currently climbing the best she can. Won't be long until she is sitting on it while I am putting her hair in ponytails as she gets ready for school too. -sigh- Where does time go?

For every stage there is something to help, thank goodness. Hope's cousin has loaned us the jumpy swing for the doorway. So far, so good. She LOVES it. She can jump, dance and move like a crazy lady. As for Hank, beware...that tail gets too close and it's gonna hurt, buddy.

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