Friday, December 24, 2010

Sometimes I don't know what to say, but in the end, it all turns out OK.

Christmas Eve and nothing says it better than a candlelight service. Hope sitting on her daddy's lap and Emma sitting on mine. As everyone held their candles, one by one each person lit the person's next to them. Beautiful. Hundreds of single candlelight's glowing. Emma watches hers carefully and the congregation begins to sing Silent Night.

Emma leans her head back and whispers to me, "Mom, why are we lighting all these candles?"

Sometimes as a parent there are moments that seem like you have to think quicker than a whip, and of course have all the answers. Well, that is not me...especially when the words of Silent Night hit my heart so strongly I am trying to not let my few tears snuff out my candle! So in that split second all I could think of was;
"Remember how we put candles on your cake at your birthday, well these are just in celebration of Jesus's birthday."

Of course I couldn't have answered with something along the lines of Jesus being our light! No worries though, just as I finished answering Emma's question the song ended and we were asked to blow out the candles. Perfect. Just like a birthday cake.

However, still thinking to myself what a silly answer I gave Emma and all of the better options I could have said, she suddenly boast, " Mom, that is a lot of candles, it would take a HUGE cake to hold them all...Jesus must be REALLY important!"

You are exactly right my sweet Emma.
My silly answer turned out OK after all. :)

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