Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Present.

Jonetta, one of Adam's cousins, has requested from each family something to put in a time capsule that she is creating for the Faris side of the family. It was to represent the present and what life is in the moment for each family. Here is "our present".
This is a wall hanging representing our family tree. The leaves are made up of quilted outlines of Emma and Hope's darling little hands. The bark of the tree is the Bible verse that has molded 2010 for this household, and the roots of the tree is where you can find it in the Bible. I love this tree. I love the little hands and little fingers. I love that in 10 or 20 years we will see again and be able to lay the girl's hands on it and see how they have grown.

And yes, it did dawn on me that someday Emma will be 17 and Hope will be 12. At any giving moment during that time, I can imagine both girls rolling their eyes at me and slamming their bedrooms doors in utter disgust of some "stupid rule" that their mean 'ol mom has made. And for that day, I have designed this wall hanging to be turned over and we can enjoy the lovely quilted back as a center piece on our table and not have to look at those sweet little hands that just yelled at me with adolescent rage! :)
Rolled up, and off in the time capsule you go.
See you later 2010. See you later little hands.
Thanks Jonetta. Thank you so much for making me stop in life's busy rollercoaster and make this. I absolutely can not wait to see it again.

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  1. You outdid yourself, Jill.

    Beyond beautiful.

    Miss you, my creative friend.