Friday, December 3, 2010


So here a few pictures of Emma from last May. She played soccer for the first time and loved it. However as parents, we observed that even though our daughter was the tallest, oldest and one with the longest legs...she was the slowest. Being fast just isn't her style. (I've heard that it isn't in her blood according to some of the Phipps' family) And that is ok with us...she had fun which is ALL that matters - yes Daddy, I said it! Anyhow........

....the story brings us to today. On the way home from school Emma told me from the backseat, "Mom, I was 'IT', aaaagain!" Laughing, we talk about how during recess, Emma always gets tagged to be "it" and those same slow-moving-soccer-skills from May...well, they're still there. She laughs as she tells me, "Mom, I just can't tag anybody else. They are all too fast! I'm always it forever!" As long as she laughing and having fun - it makes me laugh and is fun to hear her talk about.
However, this all just leads to one thing.....
...her dad better start teaching her how to play golf!!! :)

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