Friday, December 10, 2010

The Invitation.

There is a community of very wonderful people in Dublin Ohio. They are the most God-loving people and people-loving people I have ever meet. They are real. Their souls are unselfish. They are Vista Community Church.

Adam, Emma, and I were blessed to have found these wonderful people last year when we lived in Ohio. Immediately they took us in and graciously made us feel like family.

Last year, Vista Church had an outstanding Christmas program - "Hope the Invitation".

It reached many with songs, skits, and heartfelt testimonies. One testimony, in particular, rang home with Adam and I as we listened after just finding out we were six weeks pregnant. - (Scroll down, under the category Christmas and view "The Story of Hope")

It is a story of a beautiful baby named Abigail and her parents. A story like no other. Amazing people with an amazing God. Our God. If you watch the link above and hear their story you will soon begin to realize the impact it made on us. It made me feel like a wimp. How could I have ever been so blinded with all the sadness and hurt I had just had in the months prior to then. Abigail's parents made me realize, that like them, Adam and I had been on a journey all along. A journey that God was in complete loving control over...and we were not in control of any of it.

After the service, on one of December's coldest days, we got home and tucked Emma in bed. Exhausted, I lay beside Adam unable to sleep. For some reason I could not stop thinking about the baby we were about to have that so many Doctors said was impossible. Knowing we had a boy's name already picked out, I lay there wondering, "what if it is a girl?"

Thinking back about the soul moving Christmas program we just witnessed, I knew without a doubt the perfect name for a baby girl.

"Adam, I have a girl's name," said to my half asleep husband.
It was perfect.

It was ALL perfect. Thank you God. Thank you so much for our journey. Thank you so much for our Invitation of Hope. I too would not change one thing about it...not one thing.


  1. Jill. JILL.


    This is beautiful. I love that you named her Hope. I am often sad that you all are no longer in Ohio, but I am always thankful that our paths crossed when they did. At the time, I didn't realize how much you all were struggling, and it wasn't until I started reading your blogs that I understood how far you have come - how far God has brought you. Thank you so, so, so much for sharing your journey.

    It is so beautiful.

  2. Oh, Jill. I don't even have the words. I go to Vista and am friends with Ali^ and Amy (Abigail's mama) and even got the incredible honor and privilege of meeting Abigail on the night she was born. I know Hope is such a beautiful word to Amy and Billy and I can't even imagine how much joy you've brought to them by naming your daughter (essentially) after theirs.

    I can't stop shaking my head and saying, Praise you, Jesus. This is so, so, so, so beautiful.

  3. Thank you girls for your comments...I am so very very humbled.