Thursday, December 2, 2010

Double Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was a big extended weekend for our family this year! We were able to not only be with one side of the family but the other side as well! It all went by to fast it seems, so this year I am thankful for my pictures to help remember it all! ;)

Todd's #2 Turkey (hickory smoked over charcoal grill - outstanding)...and yes, Emma it's really real.

That's my nephew, Grover. It's he a riot?! Tee-hee, love that kid.
Hope and her first solid food - Happy Thanksgiving!!!! And just for the record, avocado looks exactly the same going in as it does coming out.
OhhhhHHhhhHHhhhh Bryant - I could write a month's worth of blogs about this cutie!
Onto Thanksgiving #2....Don't the kids look darling at this huge table?!! Adults soon filled it up, sitting according to the turkey name cards made by Emma!
Some people trim a tree after Thanksgiving day, nope, not the Phipps' men...they trimmed the TV.
Grandma and all her kiddos...and that was the stillest Amaya sat the whole weekend!
So thankful for generations.

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