Monday, November 22, 2010

Operation Shoebox and hairspray.

This past week, the Phipps' household has been on "Operation Shoebox." It is a part of the Samaritan's Purse Organization where you fill a shoebox with all kinds of goodies for children in parts of the world that are less fortunate. Emma learned in Sunday School that elephants deliver them! ;)
In an attempt to teach our kids the value of money and God's intentions for us, Emma has a bank that has three slots; a bank (savings), a store (spending), and a church (offering). To help Emma learn the value of a good hard earned penny, she has a chore chart on the refrigerator that she places stickers on when she completes daily chores. (Mainly this is a visual attempt on my behalf to make sure Hank is feed everyday - HA!) At the end of the week Emma gets coins for each sticker. It must be sinking in, for she thinks that Adam gets stickers and coins at work everyday too!
....anyhow....our darling daughter was so proud to take some of her hard earned money and head out to the store to buy gifts for a little girl. She had many questions along the will God know what girl to give them too, can we give her a DVD, will a magical barbie mermaid bath toy fit a shoebox....the best was when she declared in the middle of the store, "hey, I know lets get her a toothbrush so her teeth won't get moldy!"
So we get the goods and Emma packs them away in the shoe boxes. One from her to a girl, and one from Hope to a boy. Perfect.

That evening, as Emma and I said her good night prayers, we prayed for the boxes and the two special children of God that would receive them. As the prayer was over, I leaned over my daughter and began to tell her how proud I was of was a good two to three minute praise...ya know the kind when a parent is really trying to make an impression on their child. As soon as I was finished, Emma's big blue eyes (which had been fixed on me the whole time as if she was intensely listening) says;
"Mom, your hairspray smells awesome."

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