Friday, November 19, 2010

Funny Feather Friday.

So I picked Emma up from school today and knowing that during the week they have been "earning" feathers for their official head-dress for Monday's Thanksgiving celebration, I ask "well, did you get any feathers today?"

Her reply was very quick, "Yes I did! A couple people didn't pick up their books after story time and I picked them up for them."

As any proud parent would reply, "Oh Emma, that was so nice of you to help out! And how exciting that Mrs. Benidict noticed and gave you a feather for your head-dress!"

Then from the back seat my dear dear sweet Emma says, "Uh mom, we actually all picked up our books and all got feathers, so everyone in the class has three...I just got my thoughts a little mixed up in my mind when I was telling you about picking up books before."

Laughing. Laughing. and again Laughing.
Well Emma don't you worry, we all get our thoughts in our minds mixed up every now and then...I'm just so happy that your mixed up thoughts were ones of such good manners!

Can not wait to see that head-dress of feathers. I simply love pre-school.

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