Sunday, October 3, 2010

Let's go HOOOOOOsiers!

It was a RED HOT weekend for the Phipps' family!!! Back in B-town watching the IU and Michigan game. It was Emma's first "big" sporting event, but Hope stayed back and had her own tailgating party with Papaw and her Great Aunt Vicky.

Now that's the cutest tailgater I've ever seen!

A little pre-game snuggle from the two most adorable IU fans!

Emma and her dad, off to Memorial Stadium! (with a little jingle in her step!)

It really was a sell out game...those seats were full within the next ten minutes after taking these pictures! GO IU!

She cheered, she screamed, she high-fived all the older men sitting in front of us...and didn't even ask if it was over with until late in the third quarter! ;) Emma had a blast and said she wants to go back again. I loved every second watching that gal dance around having a good time. And her dad....wellllllll, even if it was a loss for IU (which is never handled well), I think he was in hog-heaven and pretty smitten' for that special little cheerleader he carried on his back all the way to the car after the fourth quarter.

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