Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Pumpkin'

Truck Driver

So in getting ready for Halloween trick-or-treating, our 5 year old Cinderella says, "Dad, I know what you can do...wear your blue hat and sunglasses and you can be a truck driver!"

Adam and I about ready to wet our pants, ask Emma, "What blue hat?"
Emma says, "the blue hat you always wear!"

So according to Emma, whenever Adam goes out in public and wears his blue baseball hat with his sunglasses (which is all the time) he proudly resembles a truck driver!!!

We ask Emma where she got this image of a truck driver. Her reply...."PHINEAS and FERB!"
....of course, what were we thinking?! ;)

Friday, October 29, 2010

"Dear Jesus, please tell God..."

For a good solid year before Hope was born, Emma spent many (ok - most) bedtime prayers praying for a new baby in the family.
"Dear Jesus, please tell God we are ready for that baby He is going to give us. We really want that new baby so just hurry. God is good all the time, in Jesus name, Amen."

Night after night after night. She would even pray out loud, very out loud, for this baby in grocery stores or department stores. Knowing what medical doctors had told Adam and I about my "condition" (we'll call it for lack of a better word), our hearts absolutely melted every time we heard her. With being told I had less than a 1.7% chance of ever conceiving again, we never discouraged Emma from her prayer but began to talk to her about "unanswered" prayers.

Well, we all know the rest of the year later, Hope came into our lives and proved that the faith of a 3 year old, going on 4, can teach us many things!!

However, last night when tucking Emma into bed and getting ready for good night prayers, she declared, "Mom, will you pray tonight. I just don't have anymore words left. I guess I just got them all out of my mind when I was doing all that praying for a baby a while back."

Emma you crack me up. So honest, so faithful. Thank you for not giving up on that unanswered prayer and keeping the faith.

So tonight I think I will pray, "Dear Jesus, please tell God to give Emma some more words up in her head so she can begin praying again at bedtime. God is good, all the time, in Jesus name, Amen."

Thursday, October 28, 2010

More signs of Fall....

Love. love. love. fall.
Seriously, could live this season year round.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Grayson and Emma - BFF. You betcha.
Grayson was our neighbor when we lived in Powell, OH. She was 7 and Emma was not quite 4 when they met, however the two hit it off and became pretty good buddies. This past weekend was Emma's fall break and we ask her if she wanted to go anywhere, her reply was to go to Ohio and see her good friend Grayson. And so we did. A wonderful day at Freemon Farms and an evening of swimming at the hotel pool. These two girls will be pen pals forever....or maybe facebook friends instead. :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Please, oh please, don't ever change.

Walking into a room and finding this absolutely sends chills up my back. I never had a sister, and can only imagine the bond these two will have.....and cat-fights, I'm sure. :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

BOOOOoooooOOO - HAaaaA - HAaaaaAAaa

Those plain pumpkins were killing her. Emma could not wait another day to make her Jack-O-Lantern. And of course the official lighting was last night as well......
...there's just something about going out in the dark cool fall air in our pajamas, barefoot, tip-toeing on fallen leaves that crackle and snap as they are stepped on, and then lighting a pumpkin that has been mutilated by a kitchen paring knife. Ahhhhhhhhh.....the giggles,laughs, ewes and awes of the five year old as if she had seen Santa. Ahhhhhh......the beauty of October.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

One Year Ago.....

"...but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.They will soar on wings like eagles;they will run and not grow weary,they will walk and not be faint."-Isaiah 40:31YEAH!

The goal was officially conquered today. I complete the "Race for Grace" 5K.....running the whole way! My time was exactly 34 minutes.Not the fastest on the trail, but nothing speaks louder than my four year old daughter who yelled (with arms in the air) as I crossed the finish line,"Mom, you did it, YOU WON, YOU WON!!!!"

It was so cold! Race started at 9:00 and still frost on the ground! I could see my breath as I got going....but what a great way to start the day, right?! Bummed the IPod battery died right as the race started has been my pace setter and a big help in motivating each step. This run was just with the sounds of nature (Scioto River was next to the running trail). Thought of my WB Girls most of the way!!!
In four months I went from only being able to run 2 minutes with a lot of pain to now....running 34 minutes with no pain. And I am down 34 pounds for the year! Overall, my health has made leaps and bounds....but I'm not done yet, still more to accomplish. However I have discovered that proper nutrition and exercise is ESSENTIAL for a healthy future. I love that my daughter asks me everyday "mom, did you exercise today." Living better isn't just for me, its for my family and the ones I love, too.

After the race was completed, Adam drove us to a nearby (empty) parking lot where Emma and I changed into our church clothes in the car. After fanning the sweat off my face I was able to slap on a little makeup and spray on some "smell-goods" ahhhhhh....nothing like getting all fixed up. wink wink!Here we are arriving to church in my new Race for Grace shirt.

Feeling like a winner,

This excerpt is from my blog from over a year ago...check out more or this journey at:

Friday, October 15, 2010

...and then there was Fall.

My absolute favorite time of the year, hands down without a doubt. And these two beauties make pumpkin picking the best. I just love my girls (and the fresh air!)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Laundry Day.

Dear Mom,
Please, oh please, make me look as dumb and ridiculous as you can when all the other clothes are dirty.
Love, Hope

Faris Family Reunion 2010.

Wow. What a day. After a car break down saved by Adam's cousin and the loan of their BMW (ya, pitiful us, huh?), we finally were headed to Bogg's Park in southern Indiana. A two hour trip turned three plus, that included two nursing stops and a poopy diaper. Only an hour late, but we made it! A few pictures below of "the family"....wellllllll, so I'm a bit bias on my subject matter, but do you blame me? These cousins are simply the darn most cuties on the planet.

Monday, October 11, 2010

All good things come to an end...

or not?

Moving into a house (in the middle of a snowy winter) that has sat empty for two years can make for some interesting finding in the landscaping when spring rolls around! All around our back porch was a thick blanket of every weed imaginable to central Indiana. To control the chaos, Emma and I (and a warm Hope tucked in my belly) worked really hard breaking up the ground and pulling weed after weed. Once the weeds were under control the desire to think about landscaping was exhausting. Making the decision to wait until next year to "landscape", we hated to see good dirt and mulch go to waste. So why not plant tomatoes and peppers?

Off to Lowes Emma and I went. We purchased Veggie Tale tomato seeds to compliment the Bert and Ernie pepper seeds her Papaw and Grandma gave her. Tiny little seeds they are. How exciting to watch Emma so carefully plant those seeds and water them every morning. Pretty soon our living room window sill looked like one great greenhouse!

The weather got warm and the starts were tall and healthy enough to put outside. Around the porch we went, planting each plant in a hole of awesome compost from our own scraps.

Then came August. Red tomatoes, green peppers, and cilantro...sounds like a match made in heaven to me. Harvest time. Emma got to pick the first crops. She held them like a trophy.

Then came September. More tomatoes and peppers that I could ever imagine from just a few seeds. Many hours spent in the kitchen, slicing, dicing, salsa making and canning. Nothing like the smell of simmering salsa. And nothing like the cans lined up in the pantry. Isn't it beautiful?

And this was just the beginning. The count rose to 39 pints of canned tomatoes and 49 pints of salsa. This doesn't include what we ate, gave away, and the amount my mom canned!!! A wonderful harvest Emma - job well done!

Then came October. All good things must come to an end, right? Yesterday I tore out the tomato vines and gathered the last of the red tomatoes. Also sitting on our porch right now is over 60 green tomatoes awaiting me to tuck them into paper grocery sacks to finish ripening. Sort of sad to see the naked rails of the porch. The end.

Are you kidding? This is just the beginning! I am so excited to enjoy the canned and froze tomatoes in many soups this winter. Not to mention the comfort of making our own pizza and spaghetti sauces. What a good feeling to know what my family is eating and where it came from.

So maybe the plants and the act of harvesting are finished, but this isn't the end. Tiny seeds...they just keep giving.

Thank you God for the natural gifts you placed on this earth for us to enjoy!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Let's go HOOOOOOsiers!

It was a RED HOT weekend for the Phipps' family!!! Back in B-town watching the IU and Michigan game. It was Emma's first "big" sporting event, but Hope stayed back and had her own tailgating party with Papaw and her Great Aunt Vicky.

Now that's the cutest tailgater I've ever seen!

A little pre-game snuggle from the two most adorable IU fans!

Emma and her dad, off to Memorial Stadium! (with a little jingle in her step!)

It really was a sell out game...those seats were full within the next ten minutes after taking these pictures! GO IU!

She cheered, she screamed, she high-fived all the older men sitting in front of us...and didn't even ask if it was over with until late in the third quarter! ;) Emma had a blast and said she wants to go back again. I loved every second watching that gal dance around having a good time. And her dad....wellllllll, even if it was a loss for IU (which is never handled well), I think he was in hog-heaven and pretty smitten' for that special little cheerleader he carried on his back all the way to the car after the fourth quarter.