Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What did we do before computers?

Our computer in the kitchen (a.k.a. "MY" computer) has decided that it just doesn't want to come on anymore. -hmph- So here I am, finally found my way into Adam's hole upstairs and pecking on his laptop....with no pictures to access. :(

But anyhow, today is RED DAY! That's right...21 kids dressed in red went marching into Mrs. Benidict's room this morning. But more importantly, it was their first show and tell day, too. Hooooowwwww exciting for a five year old! My darling blond bombshell took a Barbie dressed in red. But this just wasn't any red outfit. This was a red crocheted dress my Grandma (Lillie) Grover had so lovingly made for me almost 30 years ago. Ohhh to see grandma's face today...I am positive she was tickled pink over her Emma Lillie.
I can. not. wait. for the day they meet. Love you Grandma. xo

Now moving onto the color purple. For anyone that followed my running last fall on the you will remember my purple shoes. Well those shoes have served their time. After many miles, a 5K and a 4 mile Thanksgiving run, there is absolutely no tread left on the bottoms and the insides are broken down to smithereens. I love those shoes. Not just because they were great running shoes, but those shoes changed my life. Those shoes allowed me to spend a lot of time praying and soaking in the fresh air God gave us. Love those shoes. But they have run their course...and now I have new shoes. I hope these shoes will be just as powerful...they are hot pink ya know. That's right friends, its the year to be hot. Watch out mini-marathon, we're comin' your way.

Red, purple, or hot pink, giving God all the glory for such a colorful world!

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