Friday, September 17, 2010

Line Leader

Just as any other day from picking Emma up at school, we get in the car and I begin asking away the questions, "What did you do in your Journal? Did you sing the Good Morning song? Was there Music, Art, Math? Who did you sit by at lunch today?" But today Emma was a bit a quiet and couldn't remember a whole lot. Apparently there was only one thing that was of importance today at school and she could not stop thinking about it....

"MOM, TODAY I WAS THE LINE LEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She about busted the the buckles off of her car seat telling me.

How fun. I love hearing about her day at school. And just a side note: Emma's frog is always in the happy pond and according to Emma all the girls have been there, but not the some of the boys. "They have been to the "Uh-Oh" pond...boys are a little wild you know."
...and don't you forget Emma. ;)

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